Ethiopia Ranks First On Google Sex Search

As of 03 September 2020, Ethiopia ranks first on google sex search in the second quarter of 2020. Sri Lanka was ranked first in previous lists. In addition in 2019, according to an annual report by Google, Sri Lanka ranked third in the list of nations searching for the term ‘sex.’  

Ethiopia ranks first on google sex search followed by Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar, Zambia, and Uruguay. We didn’t believe this western article defaming our country so we did our research. To our horror we found it to be true.

Ethiopia rank first in Google ‘sex’ search

So we found this analysis showing we had constant search popularity for ‘sex’ throughout the years from 2019 September till august 2020. we had high popularity for the term ranging between 70-100. Ethiopia ranked first on google sex search probably due to this reason. The low data depicted in the graph was probably during the internet locked down.

Why this data doesn’t show the exact data of Ethiopia sex search on google

google trends give you analytical data of what is searched in any country. It doesn’t give exact numbers it just tells the popularity index on a scale of 0 -100. one point I would like to address here is that it can’t tell you the rank ‘sex’ has in Ethiopia, because those sorts of data could only be released from google annual report.

Google trend just shows how much one search term is popular over the other. Taking this into account, the above data shows only the search popularity of sex throughout the year. Better data is to compare the search popularity of sex to other search terms. So we used these three in the comparison:

  • sex
  • Facebook
  • Exercise

To our surprise, this data came up. This is year-round Ethiopia’s google search popularity of the three terms in comparison to each other. sex came first followed by Facebook and exercise .the funny part is sex is more popular than Facebook and well exercise is almost 0?????

popularity of sex compared to other search in Ethiopia

So what is Google Trends

Google Trends is an online tool that helps users visualize and discover trends in people’s search behavior within Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. It will not only allow users to see what topics and queries have been popular in searches. we used it to check whether or not Ethiopia ranking first on google sex search was true or not

How To Use Google Trends

Before we begin, click here to check out the Google trend

Let’s start by simply entering a topic or query into the search bar. After entering your search term, you will have these four refinement options, which will allow you to further fully explore the results. These are:

  • Location: Possibilities range from a global level to city level
  • Timeframe: Options go as far as 2004, up until the last hour
  • Category: Options include Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Finance, News, etc.
  • Search Type: Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping and Youtube Search

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