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Covid: Funfair potential superspreader event, health boss warns  

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Covid: Funfair potential superspreader event, health boss warns



One of Europe's largest travelling funfairs will be a potential superspreader event when it comes to the UK, a health boss has warned.

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Crowds are expected to hit Hull Fair when it returns to the city next month after it was cancelled last year.

Local public health director Andy Kingdom said he was "really worried" by the risk of people "squashed together" passing on the virus.

Hull currently has England's third-highest infection rate.

Mr Kingdom, who works for East Riding District Council, which borders Hull, said going to large-scale events without being vaccinated would be "like driving without a seat belt".

"And the roads are still busy, coronavirus-wise," he said.

More than 800,000 people attended the fair when it was last held in 2019, and bigger numbers are expected this year.

While showmen would "do their best" to make it safe, Mr Kingdom said he remained worried.

"There will be large numbers of people being squashed together in close quarters, particularly at pinch points in the fairground," he said.

"It's not just the fair itself. There'll be people meeting in groups in pubs and bars before and afterwards and taking coronavirus with them if they've caught it."

Mr Kingdom urged anyone attending to get tested for coronavirus before and after the fair.

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