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Public engagement exercise launched to review Singapore's long-term land use needs  

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Public engagement exercise launched to review Singapore's long-term land use needs



A year-long public สล็อต168 engagement exercise reviewing Singapore’s long-term land use needs and strategies was launched on Saturday (Jul 17) by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

The review of the country’s long-term land use plan, which guides development over the next 50 years and beyond, aims to “safeguard land for a quality living environment, based on evolving trends and changing demands”, said the URA.

Such reviews take place every 10 years, with the last review held in 2011.

The exercise involves gathering feedback from members of the public and stakeholders from various fields on developments that could unfold in the future, and their corresponding implications on land use, said the authority.

This feedback will then be put towards the development of long-term land use plans and strategies to cater to different "future possibilities".

"This will ensure that our plans are flexible and adaptable to respond to changing needs and circumstances, and sufficient land continues to be safeguarded for sustainable development and a quality living environment," said the URA.

Speaking at a dialogue marking the launch of the exercise, National Development Minister Desmond Lee said Singapore must make even better use of its land, as it is already highly built-up.

The country is also facing more uncertainties, with “emerging trends and complex challenges”, he said.

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