Community Guidelines

Here at Abyssiniahub, we encourage you to spread your ideas to thousands of people. Your brilliant ideas will transcend time and be shared with thousands. Freedom of speech is also something we deeply believe in but that does not mean at the expense of others.

The following general principle shall serve as a guide for all forms of interaction on Abyssiniahub:

  1. Authenticity: We want to make sure your content is authentic.
  2. Safety: Expression that threatens people or has the potential to intimidate, exclude, or silence others, isn’t allowed.
  3. Dignity:  No harassing or degrading others.
  4. Language: English is the only medium for now

Note all interactions (posts and comments) which are found to transgress these rules will be rejected or deleted. 

Furthermore, please be mindful of the following whenever you deign to submit a post or a comment: 

1. Content like pornography that’s meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed 

2. Abyssiniahub and any of its subsidiaries do not allow content that promotes violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on a number of attributes, including, but not limited to: age, race, gender, or religion

3. Spam, scams, and other deceptive practices that mislead the Abyssiniahub community aren’t allowed. We also don’t allow content where the main purpose is to trick people into leaving Abyssiniahub for another site or to boost your own engagement metrics

4. Abyssiniahub wants to keep its community safe from physical and emotional harm. Content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities that risk serious physical harm or death is not allowed. This includes challenges that pose an imminent risk of physical injury and pranks that lead victims to fear serious physical danger, or that create severe emotional distress in minors

5. Content that endangers the emotional and physical well-being of minors is not allowed on Abyssiniahub. We do not allow content that includes, but isn’t limited to, any of the following:

  • Sexualization of minors
  • Harmful or dangerous acts involving minors
  • Infliction of emotional distress on minors
  • Misleading family content
  • Cyberbullying and harassment involving minors

6. Content that praises, promotes or aids violent criminal organizations is not allowed on Abyssinahub. Violent criminal organizations are not allowed to use Abyssiniahub for any purpose, including recruitment.

7. Violent or graphic content intended to shock or disgust viewers, or content encouraging others to commit violent acts is not allowed on Abyssiniahub.

8.Content selling certain illegal or regulated goods and services is not allowed on Abyssiniahub. You shouldn’t post content on Abyssiniahub if it facilitates the sale of (or links to sites that sell) items such as:

  • Bank account passwords, stolen credit cards, or other financial information
  • Counterfeit documents or currency
  • Drugs
  • Pharmaceuticals without a prescription

9. Behavior that is meant to harass, bully, or threaten is not allowed. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t share opinions or be humorous. Please be mindful of the context